About Us

With 35 years of experience in the Timeshare industry, Timeshare Coastal Resales specializes in California coastal resorts that are deeded properties (no points) with high demand on the resale market. Based in San Diego, we deal only with resorts with which we are familiar, having previously sold as both new and resale properties.

All of our resorts are in year-round high demand, due to the excellent climate in and around San Diego, making them the top choice for exchange to other locations, or for enjoying an on-site vacation as the owner of a beach property.

We make it simple. We use a licensed California Escrow Company that specializes in timeshare resale properties and will complete your transaction in a very timely manner. Title is guaranteed. And we NEVER CHARGE AN UP-FRONT FEE to list your property!

Our goal is to make buying or selling a resale timeshare in the Southern California Coastal area a positive experience for everyone who requests our services.